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Nosey Ones

Meet Lester Scrimpleton (blue) and  Wyman Munson (orange). These are the official dolls of Nosey Ones, Inc. Nosey Ones, Inc., is a plush doll company planning to launch by December 2011. For inquires about these dolls, please email me at They are hand-sewn dolls crafted from a variety of fabrics: anti pill fleece, plaid, leather and silk. They are roughly 5 1/2 inches wide by 12 3/4 inches high.

Lester Scrimpleton [blue]

Lester has a severe speech impediment. He has a tendency to show up late to work and blame it on his dog, which doesn’t and never existed. He is best friends and roommates (which he claims) with Wyman, where they live in a one-bedroom apartment above Panda Garden. Lester sleeps on beanbag chairs and diets on Easy Mac. He has a severe peanut allergy, yet he is still trying to figure out what the “PB” stands for in “PB&J,” and why he breaks out in hives every time he eats one. He claims to hold the Guinness World Record for the longest time in a Maytag washer and dryer; he has never been washed nor dried.

Wyman Munson [orange]

Wyman takes himself and his job way too seriously on his quest to deliver fresh Dominos pizzas. He plans to release a survival guide for the impending Apocalypse. Wyman and Lester have different views on their friendship. Lester cherishes the very essence of Wyman’s presence; Wyman hates Lester. Wyman used to volunteer at Jelly Belly as a taste tester. Once the company realized Wyman wasn’t “tasting” the jellybeans, but instead saving them to create a giant mural of Joseph Stalin, he was quickly let go; he only saved up enough to compose Stalin’s mustache.

Below are some concept illustrations for future Nosey Ones. They are presently in the process of being developed, so remain nosey, and check back later.





Back to the Future

The future …

What’s in store? I mean, if we look at its literal meaning, there is quite a bit. I assume the future is stocked; well stocked. There’s enough modern technology to smother our diminishing past. Our “present” future far beyond us; years beyond us. Our future is only a mirror of the past, yet this mirror only gets shinier and more reflective as time elapses. It grows into something recognizably unrecognizable (if that make’s sense). It frames time.

The image above  is entitled “Back to the Future.” It represents my corky envisioned queries and sarcastic social criticisms of the future. Although I have no idea what the future holds in store, I can only assume that what it will be packed tight of the past and present, just better and a lot nicer.

“Back to the Future” was taken inside of a computer tower. The space is only 4 1/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches. I shined a blue light through the side of the tower to give the effect of night time, taking advantage of the slick surface for reflection. The “TV” is a 30GB iPod (probably out of style by now) and the figurine in the foreground is a 1986 Remco action figure spaceman; I say he looks quite comfortable in the future.

The past is a present, the future is a gift.


I am, because.

As humans, I’d like to say that we all, and I don’t want to speak for everyone, but the “majority” of us encounter random thoughts and ideas each and every day (some each and every second). I call these “thideas.”

Thidea [the’idea] n : The “whatevers” before the “whats;” the bees before the honey; the food before the feces; the isn’t before the is; the nothing before the something.

Thideas make me, me. I’d like to think that thideas are what make other people’s “because,” “because.”

Random Person 1: “Why is he like that?”                                                                             Random Person 2: “Because!”

Certainly not a case of strong evidence, but I can truthfully state (left hand in the air, right hand on my mouse pad [close enough]) that I am the way I am truly because thideas shape the way I act; the way I do. If I never thought to think of an idea, nonetheless, think to think, how could one ever actually do? I am the result of my doing.

I am, because.

Happy [holi] Days!

The “Holiday Season” come and goes all too fast. It starts sometime in late October (which is early in retrospect to a “year”), and rides its holiday sled all the way till January.  Shelves scare away the Halloween decorations to make room for the over stock of Christmas goodness and the hype of the Holiday “spirit.”  Christmas songs permeate the radio, snow falls on command, and the wishfulness of happiness and hope sky rockets. Yet, once the New Year dings on another digit to its “name,” the  “Holiday Season” surge comes to a screeching halt.

Somewhere in there Hanukkah happens. It seems to gets lost in the mix every year, but us Jews do find time to make our Holiday a “day” (or “days;” we get eight). Christmas claimed ownership to red and green, while Hanukkah quickly grabbed the remaining colors: blue, white, and yellow (I think those are the colors of Hanukkah)? I think we threw the yellow in last-minute so we could claim ownership to some holiday color palette. Blue and white would quickly get lost amongst the NCAA madness of the Duke Blue Devil’s, the Facebook Revolution and my summer camp dress code which I continue to wear all year round. Throw yellow in, you’ve made a Jewish Holiday! Kaboom!

Anyways, the holidays have come and gone. But, before we know it, we’ll be putting back up our Christmas lights, gathering our holiday gifts, and dusting off the family menorah. It’s never to late to wish someone a Happy Holiday (or Happy Day). If I was head of the “Holiday Season Committee” everyday would be a holiday, right Luda?

Happy holi Days!

The Man in the Mirror

It’s pretty crazy how things work sometimes.

The things I find to be most successful happen purely by accident or luck, and other just by giving it a try (there is no harm in trying). I drew a picture about a month ago composed of random concept drawings and characters. Each character builds off another character, creating the illusion that each character is part of another. Each character, depending on the angel, illustrates a different character or emotion; make sense? Let me explain.

First I draw a single character:

A character sketch displayed from two paralleled (i.e., horizontal) perspectives. One angel shows a Pac Man-like ghost figure and the other a man with a turban.

After I compose a single concept sketch, I begin to build off of that, creating the illusion that no one single character stands alone. Each character is a part of another, and regardless what angle it is viewed, it composes a different illustration.

Two characters built off each other. The character on the left is the same image from above; the Pac Man-like ghost. The other (on the right) is a face with glasses, a beard and a pair of fangs. No, the image on the right is not supposed to be me, yet I do have a sharp canine tooth which I am convinced makes me one-eigth vampire.

This is the same exact image as above, this time it is flipped horizontally. Now we see an owl like figure (on the left) rocking a tie and suit, and on the right we see the parallel of the Pac Mac ghost, a man with a turban.

Alright, so I think you get the concept. I’ll jump to the final sketch, so you can see the final affect.

Here is the final sketch set to black outline and white fill.


This is the same image as above, just flipped horizontally. Notice how drastic the illusion changes?

Pretty cool, huh? Well, it doesn’t end here. So, this image took me about an hour or so to draw, and an additional hour or so to sketch it in Illustrator. “Reverse-Parallel” (which I have dubbed this specific concept) is not difficult, but can be extra time consuming when illustrating the “reverse” or “parallel;” it has to work from all angels in order for this to work.

But I wasn’t quite done with this. I assumed if an image was made up of a bunch of faces, and from each angel, the image creates a different “illusion” or character, then when the image is meshed, one face would be created. I didn’t know if my “theory” (if you can even call it that) would work, but I was dead on. I took both parallels (i.e., each half the sketch) and meshed them over one another. Well … I’ll let it speak for itself.



Mister [un] Employed

It’s been a while …

Do I have a job? No. Am I keeping myself busy? Perhaps. Am I busy? Yeah, kind of. Do I get paid for keeping myself busy? Well, I am waiting to figure that out.

But I have been busy.

Not Best Buy on Christmas busy, but busy enough to say “I’m busy” when my roommates come in and bug me. I wake up late (10:00 AM) with things to do. It is tough to create a daily regimen, when the only thing to do on your to-do list is “wake up.”

I do. I wake up. If I didn’t I would either be dead, in a deep deep coma, or laying in a bed full of the softest and cutest puppies. But here I am, living my life in the present as an unemployed post-college graduate.

Yet, I manage to get a lot done. It’s not easy getting a lot done when you have nothing to get done, but it is manageable. I create jobs. Not jobs for people, but jobs to keep myself employed while I am not.

Employed [em-ploid]. Employed is hard to define. I am not making an hourly wage or even enough to say my bank account is growing (while in reality it is quickly shrinking).

At the moment I am employed by myself. I work for myself. I set my own hours. And I create my own wage. Some days I decide to work out of my house. Other days I choose the library, a coffee shop, or even my bed.

But I am getting work done. How? Well…

About a month a half ago, my good childhood friend, Chris Franco, rang me up. Chris started up a successful hip-hop blog sometime in high school called, and is now in the game to make some solid moves; he recently launched Chris came to me with a great opportunity, to design album covers and logos for artists tide to the community. The past two months I have spent my time designing album covers and company logos for hip-hop artists and companies alike. These jobs are based out of Atlanta, but luckily I get to remain in the comfort of my new home, Chicago.  I have never spent more than 48 hours in Atlanta, but the past two months I have never felt closer to this southern concrete metropolis.

My biggest project to date has been for renowned hip-hop artist and former Shaddy Records member, Bobby Creekwater ( This was (and will hopefully continue to be) the opportunity of a lifetime. I have designed two album covers and have been commissioned to create another. The first time I spoke with “Creek” on the phone I kept calling him “Mr. Creekwater;” I was quickly corrected. First of all, Bobby Creekwater’s real name isn’t even “Bobby Creekwater,” it’s Antione Rogers, and second of all, never call a hip-hop artist “Mister” anything unless “mister” is in his official rap title. Imagine if I called Snoop Dogg “Mr. Dogg;” he would probably laugh at me; correct me; pimp slap me; blow smoke in my face; fo shizzle my confidence and artistic reputation; who knows!?

Anyways, Creek is pretty big . Well, big (this is how I judge fame). Every time I searched for his name in Google he seemed to be right there … every time. All I get when I type in my name is a couple thousands of pictures of America’s first and only impeached  president (Bill doesn’t count) and a couple random “Joe’s” (or “Andrew’s” in this case). My goal is to beat out President Johnson on the Image search; I’d say I got time to work on that.

The first cover that I designed for Creek was his EP album, “Classic Creek Leaks Vol. 1.” Creek had never seen any of my work prior to this project, so my freedom of visual comprehension and projection was very free. There was a high level of trust and confidence, which is everything an artist can ask for when commissioned. I knew I had the green flag to do whatever, yet serious thought and time had to go into this. I wanted to design a cover for that worked both visually with my aesthetic and personality, and practically with his music style and demeanor. This is what I came up with:

The second cover that I designed for Creek was for his official album “Revenge.” The concept of “Revenge” is to capitalize on the struggle for success, implying that success if the sweetest revenge. “Revenge” is still in production for release, and is due out whenever I finish his ‘official’ “Revenge cover. The original “Revenge” cover that I designed (pictured below) was a photograph I had taken using Army Men and fake Dollar Tree coins. Nothing screams gangster like a few Army Men and a pile of plastic gold spray painted coins. Nevertheless, Creek liked this cover so much he wants to use it  for his “single” release (which gives more time for “Revenge’s” release). Creek commented that, “the cover you created can not be any more perfect for the release of the single. Perfect!”

I am presently in the mix of creating an official cover for “Revenge.” I have a lot of ideas flowing; this is neither a bad thing nor a good thing. Creek said that he “trusts me to do anything.” Anything? Wow, this puts me inside a valley of tangible visual concepts and extreme creative imagination.

Nevertheless, Mr. Creek was not the only thing I had on my plate. I designed a logo for Federation DJ’s, a header for, and another album cover for Amor Jones ( entitled “The Wake Up Show.”