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Happy [holi] Days!

The “Holiday Season” come and goes all too fast. It starts sometime in late October (which is early in retrospect to a “year”), and rides its holiday sled all the way till January.  Shelves scare away the Halloween decorations to make room for the over stock of Christmas goodness and the hype of the Holiday “spirit.”  Christmas songs permeate the radio, snow falls on command, and the wishfulness of happiness and hope sky rockets. Yet, once the New Year dings on another digit to its “name,” the  “Holiday Season” surge comes to a screeching halt.

Somewhere in there Hanukkah happens. It seems to gets lost in the mix every year, but us Jews do find time to make our Holiday a “day” (or “days;” we get eight). Christmas claimed ownership to red and green, while Hanukkah quickly grabbed the remaining colors: blue, white, and yellow (I think those are the colors of Hanukkah)? I think we threw the yellow in last-minute so we could claim ownership to some holiday color palette. Blue and white would quickly get lost amongst the NCAA madness of the Duke Blue Devil’s, the Facebook Revolution and my summer camp dress code which I continue to wear all year round. Throw yellow in, you’ve made a Jewish Holiday! Kaboom!

Anyways, the holidays have come and gone. But, before we know it, we’ll be putting back up our Christmas lights, gathering our holiday gifts, and dusting off the family menorah. It’s never to late to wish someone a Happy Holiday (or Happy Day). If I was head of the “Holiday Season Committee” everyday would be a holiday, right Luda?

Happy holi Days!


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