Toy Photography. Humor. Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of a Job.

Mister [un] Employed

It’s been a while …

Do I have a job? No. Am I keeping myself busy? Perhaps. Am I busy? Yeah, kind of. Do I get paid for keeping myself busy? Well, I am waiting to figure that out.

But I have been busy.

Not Best Buy on Christmas busy, but busy enough to say “I’m busy” when my roommates come in and bug me. I wake up late (10:00 AM) with things to do. It is tough to create a daily regimen, when the only thing to do on your to-do list is “wake up.”

I do. I wake up. If I didn’t I would either be dead, in a deep deep coma, or laying in a bed full of the softest and cutest puppies. But here I am, living my life in the present as an unemployed post-college graduate.

Yet, I manage to get a lot done. It’s not easy getting a lot done when you have nothing to get done, but it is manageable. I create jobs. Not jobs for people, but jobs to keep myself employed while I am not.

Employed [em-ploid]. Employed is hard to define. I am not making an hourly wage or even enough to say my bank account is growing (while in reality it is quickly shrinking).

At the moment I am employed by myself. I work for myself. I set my own hours. And I create my own wage. Some days I decide to work out of my house. Other days I choose the library, a coffee shop, or even my bed.

But I am getting work done. How? Well…

About a month a half ago, my good childhood friend, Chris Franco, rang me up. Chris started up a successful hip-hop blog sometime in high school called, and is now in the game to make some solid moves; he recently launched Chris came to me with a great opportunity, to design album covers and logos for artists tide to the community. The past two months I have spent my time designing album covers and company logos for hip-hop artists and companies alike. These jobs are based out of Atlanta, but luckily I get to remain in the comfort of my new home, Chicago.  I have never spent more than 48 hours in Atlanta, but the past two months I have never felt closer to this southern concrete metropolis.

My biggest project to date has been for renowned hip-hop artist and former Shaddy Records member, Bobby Creekwater ( This was (and will hopefully continue to be) the opportunity of a lifetime. I have designed two album covers and have been commissioned to create another. The first time I spoke with “Creek” on the phone I kept calling him “Mr. Creekwater;” I was quickly corrected. First of all, Bobby Creekwater’s real name isn’t even “Bobby Creekwater,” it’s Antione Rogers, and second of all, never call a hip-hop artist “Mister” anything unless “mister” is in his official rap title. Imagine if I called Snoop Dogg “Mr. Dogg;” he would probably laugh at me; correct me; pimp slap me; blow smoke in my face; fo shizzle my confidence and artistic reputation; who knows!?

Anyways, Creek is pretty big . Well, big (this is how I judge fame). Every time I searched for his name in Google he seemed to be right there … every time. All I get when I type in my name is a couple thousands of pictures of America’s first and only impeached  president (Bill doesn’t count) and a couple random “Joe’s” (or “Andrew’s” in this case). My goal is to beat out President Johnson on the Image search; I’d say I got time to work on that.

The first cover that I designed for Creek was his EP album, “Classic Creek Leaks Vol. 1.” Creek had never seen any of my work prior to this project, so my freedom of visual comprehension and projection was very free. There was a high level of trust and confidence, which is everything an artist can ask for when commissioned. I knew I had the green flag to do whatever, yet serious thought and time had to go into this. I wanted to design a cover for that worked both visually with my aesthetic and personality, and practically with his music style and demeanor. This is what I came up with:

The second cover that I designed for Creek was for his official album “Revenge.” The concept of “Revenge” is to capitalize on the struggle for success, implying that success if the sweetest revenge. “Revenge” is still in production for release, and is due out whenever I finish his ‘official’ “Revenge cover. The original “Revenge” cover that I designed (pictured below) was a photograph I had taken using Army Men and fake Dollar Tree coins. Nothing screams gangster like a few Army Men and a pile of plastic gold spray painted coins. Nevertheless, Creek liked this cover so much he wants to use it  for his “single” release (which gives more time for “Revenge’s” release). Creek commented that, “the cover you created can not be any more perfect for the release of the single. Perfect!”

I am presently in the mix of creating an official cover for “Revenge.” I have a lot of ideas flowing; this is neither a bad thing nor a good thing. Creek said that he “trusts me to do anything.” Anything? Wow, this puts me inside a valley of tangible visual concepts and extreme creative imagination.

Nevertheless, Mr. Creek was not the only thing I had on my plate. I designed a logo for Federation DJ’s, a header for, and another album cover for Amor Jones ( entitled “The Wake Up Show.”



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