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The Man in the Mirror

It’s pretty crazy how things work sometimes.

The things I find to be most successful happen purely by accident or luck, and other just by giving it a try (there is no harm in trying). I drew a picture about a month ago composed of random concept drawings and characters. Each character builds off another character, creating the illusion that each character is part of another. Each character, depending on the angel, illustrates a different character or emotion; make sense? Let me explain.

First I draw a single character:

A character sketch displayed from two paralleled (i.e., horizontal) perspectives. One angel shows a Pac Man-like ghost figure and the other a man with a turban.

After I compose a single concept sketch, I begin to build off of that, creating the illusion that no one single character stands alone. Each character is a part of another, and regardless what angle it is viewed, it composes a different illustration.

Two characters built off each other. The character on the left is the same image from above; the Pac Man-like ghost. The other (on the right) is a face with glasses, a beard and a pair of fangs. No, the image on the right is not supposed to be me, yet I do have a sharp canine tooth which I am convinced makes me one-eigth vampire.

This is the same exact image as above, this time it is flipped horizontally. Now we see an owl like figure (on the left) rocking a tie and suit, and on the right we see the parallel of the Pac Mac ghost, a man with a turban.

Alright, so I think you get the concept. I’ll jump to the final sketch, so you can see the final affect.

Here is the final sketch set to black outline and white fill.


This is the same image as above, just flipped horizontally. Notice how drastic the illusion changes?

Pretty cool, huh? Well, it doesn’t end here. So, this image took me about an hour or so to draw, and an additional hour or so to sketch it in Illustrator. “Reverse-Parallel” (which I have dubbed this specific concept) is not difficult, but can be extra time consuming when illustrating the “reverse” or “parallel;” it has to work from all angels in order for this to work.

But I wasn’t quite done with this. I assumed if an image was made up of a bunch of faces, and from each angel, the image creates a different “illusion” or character, then when the image is meshed, one face would be created. I didn’t know if my “theory” (if you can even call it that) would work, but I was dead on. I took both parallels (i.e., each half the sketch) and meshed them over one another. Well … I’ll let it speak for itself.