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Nosey Ones

Meet Lester Scrimpleton (blue) and  Wyman Munson (orange). These are the official dolls of Nosey Ones, Inc. Nosey Ones, Inc., is a plush doll company planning to launch by December 2011. For inquires about these dolls, please email me at They are hand-sewn dolls crafted from a variety of fabrics: anti pill fleece, plaid, leather and silk. They are roughly 5 1/2 inches wide by 12 3/4 inches high.

Lester Scrimpleton [blue]

Lester has a severe speech impediment. He has a tendency to show up late to work and blame it on his dog, which doesn’t and never existed. He is best friends and roommates (which he claims) with Wyman, where they live in a one-bedroom apartment above Panda Garden. Lester sleeps on beanbag chairs and diets on Easy Mac. He has a severe peanut allergy, yet he is still trying to figure out what the “PB” stands for in “PB&J,” and why he breaks out in hives every time he eats one. He claims to hold the Guinness World Record for the longest time in a Maytag washer and dryer; he has never been washed nor dried.

Wyman Munson [orange]

Wyman takes himself and his job way too seriously on his quest to deliver fresh Dominos pizzas. He plans to release a survival guide for the impending Apocalypse. Wyman and Lester have different views on their friendship. Lester cherishes the very essence of Wyman’s presence; Wyman hates Lester. Wyman used to volunteer at Jelly Belly as a taste tester. Once the company realized Wyman wasn’t “tasting” the jellybeans, but instead saving them to create a giant mural of Joseph Stalin, he was quickly let go; he only saved up enough to compose Stalin’s mustache.

Below are some concept illustrations for future Nosey Ones. They are presently in the process of being developed, so remain nosey, and check back later.






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