Toy Photography. Humor. Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of a Job.


Thank you for feeling a bit nosey and taking the time to click on my Portfolio tab. Below I have included a PDF file of my art portfolio.

Art Portfolio (pdf)

It is a very general preview of all the different types of mediums that I do (i.e., Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography, Concept Sketches, Plush Doll Design). Please feel free to contact me regarding any picture or illustration that you find pleasing or might be interested in purchasing:


One response

  1. Andrew,
    I checked out your portfolio and I think its pretty damn fly. I hope job searching is going well and over soon (resulting in a job, of course). I don’t know if you are interested in residencies, but, in our stellar economy it is something to consider (free money and space to work in). There is this website that is pretty good for national and international residencies. If the job market fails you, check it out:
    I graduate in like a month and will be joining you in the pursuit of whatever it is we are supposed to be looking for right now… haha.
    Much love,
    ps check out my website, I had to teach myself how to make it all so its really basic but cest la vie.

    November 22, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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