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Circa Time!

To date?

It is late November (at least on my calendar it is). Rarely do I keep track of the day and time, nonetheless, the month, but considering my days are spent filling out applications and posting resumes, knowing the date has become a staple in my daily routine. I continuously switch up how I write this date. Sometimes I write out the entire date, including the actual day of the week, month, year (i.e., Monday, November 23, 2010), and other times I’ll do the whole number, backslash thing (i.e., 11/23/10). Yet, recently I have toggled with alternatives for dating.

date [deyt] it. Date is powerful, no? Recognizing time and date could be the difference between shorts and a t-shirt, or a casual restaurant and an overpriced bistro. Dating. Not many words in our dictionary hold truth to such meaning and value. When I moved to Chicago in early October, ‘date’ held a pretty significant denotation. I was aware that Fall was upon me, and somewhere in the city, trees were beginning to shed its summer coat, replacing what use to be green lavish health, with dead, weightless flakes of dried foliage. To find a tree wasn’t impossible, but certainly not easy when the most common element (or compound) was infrastructure. I was also dating someone. I refuse to go into detail about this, but lets just say that Fall was very reminiscent of this unfolding. A lively and happy present was packed into a gift and thrown into the past. Yet, despite the positive and negative of dating, we continue to locate our sense of place and time.

Timing is everything (at least that’s what she said [and no, that is not a That’s What She Said joke]). We must understand time in order to understand our space; personal space. Now, I don’t know the whole scientific argument regarding time and space (and I know it is very complex), but I do know that dating can secure a certain period in time or location. I know that I am presently sitting in front of my computer staring out the window in front of me. I know that what I am looking at is a brick wall, and a mirrored image of myself in the window, thanks to the lack of light outside, and the heavy dosage of wattage pouring over me this very second. I also know that the date is November 23, 2010, and in the next week or so, large amounts of while solid wetness is going to poor down on the city, leaving this lively environment quiet and bare. Also, Kris Kringle should be flying in here pretty soon. He has already made his mark on the radio, and in every window display, so I can only imagine what entrance he’s got planned this year.

Sadly, do to the economy, our good buddy Kris has had to make rather large budget cuts. He has released Donner, Vixen, Comit and Cupid, and has picked up Randy Moss instead. Also, he asks all the parents to wake up at the crack of dawn, take a bite out of Christmas spirit, gulp down the 2% of whatever happiness is left, and pack the tree with re-wrapped gifts from last Christmas. Sorry kids!

Is this all the result of a date? Well, in some ways, yes. In other ways, no. I have seen the leaves fall. I’ve listened to a girl I loved very much tell me she can’t be with me because ‘the timing wasn’t right’ (and because ‘she didn’t want to make the effort’). But thanks to dating, I will never forget this date. Date and time has destroyed our economy quicker than drugs destroyed Chris Farley. The present state of our economy is as ugly as Kim Jong-Un’s second chin and unstable as Lindsay Lohan. Things come and go faster than Road Runner, and what seems to be the right way to do things, is most likely not. Things that I used to look forward to as a child are now shadowed by the depressive nature of reality. Time. Space. Gone. I strive for the day when a date will set me forward and not shoot me backwards. I choose solid over patterns. Patterns tend to create chaos where it isn’t needed. And when did we decide to change the word simple into ‘simply not?’ Need I say more? Shut it!

My methods for dating are strange. My mind is strange. Very strange! I write in all caps (which I will go into further detail later on). I like things clean and uniform, so writing out the whole date or using the backslash system usually poses me problems. The space provided is never big enough for the full date, and backslashes are lazy upright lines. I like to use periods (i.e., 11.23.10) or backslash’s straight brother, the line (i.e., 11|23|10). Till this day, I still have to say the months out load in order to figure out which month matches up with what number (i.e., 1- January, 2-February, etc.); entering the expiration date for my credit card always poses me issues. Why can’t I just say I was born in ‘1?’ Clearly Microsoft Word has presented us with options for dating (Insert > Date and Time…), yet nowhere on there does it say Circa Today, Circa Now, or Circa Tomorrow. ‘Excuse me, what’s the date?’ ‘Oh, the date? It is Circa Tomorrow.’ Dates frames the present, but it is not a gift. Coincidence or correlation?

Unwrap this!