Toy Photography. Humor. Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of a Job.

Artist Statement

I have always had a deep fascination and desire for humor. The kind of humor that makes people laugh and question why they are laughing. Goofy humor, twisted humor, witty humor, intellectual humor, risqué humor, cultural humor, and satirical humor. I find this witticism through my photography, graphic design, textiles, and drawings.

My photography focuses on bringing the lifeless to life, unmasking the overlooked ‘non-funny’ and making it comically and visually pleasing. I am fascinated with photographing toys and figurines. This fascination has sprouted since birth, due to my father’s deep and passionate liking for Hanna Barbera and all things a like. Since I was child, he has continuously surrounded himself with the most eclectic collection of toys, cartoon cells, and obscure gadgets. These influences have inspired me to be the artist that I am today.

Every design, textile, and drawing stems from the same root as my photography. Although photographing toys is unique within itself, the common connection of witty and dark humor still persists through much of my artistic vision. My goal is to make myself and others happy by twisting life’s uncommon, unseen, and unknown through my artistic envisions. In order to create the uncreated, one must be able to make the untangle things concrete; I love doing this!

Art is my love and humor is what I desire. Whether it be twisted, satirical, warped, intelligent, or just plain goofy, I will forever continue to be true to myself and others. Happy laughing!


One response

  1. Jill Johnson

    What can I say, you are one amazing creative individual, not to be biased of course!

    November 20, 2010 at 2:01 pm

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