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Back to the Future

The future …

What’s in store? I mean, if we look at its literal meaning, there is quite a bit. I assume the future is stocked; well stocked. There’s enough modern technology to smother our diminishing past. Our “present” future far beyond us; years beyond us. Our future is only a mirror of the past, yet this mirror only gets shinier and more reflective as time elapses. It grows into something recognizably unrecognizable (if that make’s sense). It frames time.

The image above  is entitled “Back to the Future.” It represents my corky envisioned queries and sarcastic social criticisms of the future. Although I have no idea what the future holds in store, I can only assume that what it will be packed tight of the past and present, just better and a lot nicer.

“Back to the Future” was taken inside of a computer tower. The space is only 4 1/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches. I shined a blue light through the side of the tower to give the effect of night time, taking advantage of the slick surface for reflection. The “TV” is a 30GB iPod (probably out of style by now) and the figurine in the foreground is a 1986 Remco action figure spaceman; I say he looks quite comfortable in the future.

The past is a present, the future is a gift.



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