Toy Photography. Humor. Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of a Job.

I am, because.

As humans, I’d like to say that we all, and I don’t want to speak for everyone, but the “majority” of us encounter random thoughts and ideas each and every day (some each and every second). I call these “thideas.”

Thidea [the’idea] n : The “whatevers” before the “whats;” the bees before the honey; the food before the feces; the isn’t before the is; the nothing before the something.

Thideas make me, me. I’d like to think that thideas are what make other people’s “because,” “because.”

Random Person 1: “Why is he like that?”                                                                             Random Person 2: “Because!”

Certainly not a case of strong evidence, but I can truthfully state (left hand in the air, right hand on my mouse pad [close enough]) that I am the way I am truly because thideas shape the way I act; the way I do. If I never thought to think of an idea, nonetheless, think to think, how could one ever actually do? I am the result of my doing.

I am, because.


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